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Organising an event


Police Scotland recognises that public safety is at the forefront of all event planning and is primarily the responsibility of Event Organisers, Landowners on which the event is being held, and Local Authorities if the event is held on the roadway  supported by partner agencies.

It is important that Event Organisers, Landowners, and Local Authorities intending to plan an event notify Police Scotland at the earliest opportunity so that we can provide appropriate support and, to do this, a notification form is available.

This form asks for basic information about the proposed event and the contact details of the event organiser. The event organiser should complete this form and send it, preferably by email, to one of the three area addresses on the form (East, West or North). If it cannot be sent by email, it can be posted to Police Scotland or handed in to any police station.

Please email the relevant Emergency, Event and Resilience Planning Unit for your area requesting the Form 107-001.

For the West of Scotland contact

For the North of Scotland contact

For the East of Scotland contact


What happens next?

When a notification form is received by Police Scotland, it will be assessed to establish what level of police support will be required to assist the event organiser in running the event safely. Once assessed, the event will be planned at local, central or national level and the appointed event planner will contact the event organiser.


How much will it cost?

The Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012 allows Police Scotland to charge for the provision of police services when these services are requested by an event organiser.

These are based on two important principles:

  • Police Scotland is only entitled to recover the cost of the provided police services – the charges are not about making a profit;
  • No person or organisation should profit at the expense of Police Scotland – Police Scotland is responsible for proper stewardship of public funds.

When the organiser’s plans are made known, the event will be assessed against a series of criteria to establish how much the provision of police services will cost. This assessment will indicate full, partial or no cost recovery.

It is important to note that there are many events for which Police Scotland will not charge for its services.

Generally, the more commercial an event is, the more likely it will be to attract full cost recovery. Purely charitable or community events are less likely to be charged for but, in some cases, charitable events are arranged on a commercial basis and this would be taken into account in the overall charge assessment.


How are charges set?

The Scottish Police Authority reviews charges for the provision of police services and these are applied annually on 1st April. These charges are reviewed in line with guidance provided by the Scottish Public Finance Manual.

Current charge rates are provided below.

Full Economic Rate Per Hour

Rate from

1 April 19

Rate from

1 April 20




Police Officer



Chief Superintendent






Chief Inspector












Special Constables






Police Staff



Grade 11



Grade 10



Grade 9



Grade 8



Grade 7



Grade 6



Grade 5



Grade 4



Grade 3



Grade 2



Grade 1






The above fees and charges exclude VAT.  VAT will be accounted for at the appropriate rate according to the tax point date, in line with the HM Revenue and Customs guidance on the VAT treatment of charges made by the police.  Services are generally subject to VAT at the then current rate, except where a service is required by statute or authority direction. 

The current standard rate of VAT (correct at the time of publishing) is 20%. Certain police services are outside of the scope of the UK VAT system and no VAT is charged on these goods or services, dependent upon the recipient and nature of the service. Full advice should be sought from the Finance department.


More information required?

If you require more information on planning an event, please send an email to the relevant Emergency, Event and Resilience Planning Unit for your area.

For the West of Scotland contact

For the North of Scotland contact

For the East of Scotland contact

If you are uncertain within which policing area you reside or where the event is proposed to take place, please check the Your Community section of the Police Scotland website.

Alternatively, if you wish to discuss your event, please dial 101 (Police Scotland non emergency number) and ask to speak to someone in the Emergency, Event and Resilience Planning Unit, Operational Support Division.