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At the start of a relationship, we don’t always see the man we might become.
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What's the harm in how I behave?

Published: 07 December 2022
  • Checking your partner’s phone?
  • Scrutinising her social media posts to see who she’s been socialising with?
  • Constantly checking up on her by phoning or texting?
  • Starting to tell her who to see, what to wear, what to do?

For some people, the thought of someone they love leaving them for someone else can be overwhelming and become a real fear and source of anxiety.

This can result in wanting to control the situation and their partner to the point that it becomes abusive.

A healthy relationship is one with mutual respect, trust and honesty. Where both partners feel equal, each is supportive of the other and both feel comfortable communicating openly about anything.

Controlling if or when your partner goes out, who they socialise with, continually checking up on them and getting angry or taking revenge when they don't do what you want them to do is wrong.

Trying to manage a relationship by controlling your partner and eroding their confidence so that they stay with you is an unhealthy relationship and it's abusive.

Our campaign video highlights how attitudes and behaviour are not always visible at the start of a relationship but can quickly show themselves. 

Spot the signs and you can stop the abuse before it starts.