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At the start of a relationship, we don’t always see the man we might become.


On average, every 9 minutes Police Scotland is contacted in relation to domestic abuse.

Around 80% of domestic abuse cases reported to Police Scotland involves a female victim and a male perpetrator.

15% of reports are of a male victim and female perpetrator and 4% of reported cases are within same sex relationships.

Research indicates that a meaningful starting point is to challenge the problem attitudes that drive abusive behaviour in young men.

The overall aim of this campaign is to challenge and help change the problem attitudes that drive abusive behaviour in heterosexual men living in Scotland aged 18-25.

We want to encourage those young men to reflect on their current attitudes and behaviours with regard to relationships and how they treat their partners.

This campaign, and our overall campaign video, has been developed to meet this aim and in the long term, help reduce incidents of domestic abuse.

For further information on the background of this campaign and what we are aiming to achieve, you can watch our video featuring Detective Superintendent Gillian Faulds