Divisional Commander

Chief Superintendent  Paul Anderson is the Divisional Commander for Tayside.

Chief Supt Anderson has 25 years of experience committed to local policing and partnership working. He has held specialist roles to support key central functions within corporate services and operational support. Chief Supt  Anderson brings a wealth of expertise to the role. 

He was appointed to the role of Tayside Divisional Commander in May 2016.

Tayside Division

The Tayside Division serves approximately 388,000 people over 2,896 square miles, covering the City of Dundee, Angus and Perth & Kinross council areas.

The Division has four territorial command areas - two for Dundee and one each for Angus and Perth & Kinross. Each area has a dedicated Area Commander who has the responsibility for all day-to-day policing functions in that area.

Each area is served by a number of community policing teams. These teams are built around the needs of local people. They are responsible for responding to calls in the local area, as well as looking for long term solutions to key issues.

Your Priorities

We are acting on priorities to influence policing activity in your area. For more information see the Multi Member Ward plans in your local pages.


Tayside Risk Register - Being Prepared

Emergencies can happen at any time. Challenges like severe weather, pandemic flu or transport disruption affect us all in going about our daily lives.

Local responders - those agencies who could have a critical role in responding immediately depending on the nature of an emergency - plan and work together in advance in order to be prepared to bring assistance when needed. Plans are in place that set out how partner agencies work together to bring help to people who need it in different kinds of emergencies.

These plans, including tips on how you can be prepared for emergencies, are contained in the Tayside Risk Register. Click here to open and read this document.