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    • Beat Doorstep Crime

      Find out more about doorstep crime by downloading our Beat Doorstep Crime campaign material - if in doubt, keep them out

    • We Can Stop It

      Sex without consent is rape. The simple message from Police Scotland and partners as a nationwide campaign launches

    • Stay Safe Online

      Police Scotland's Stay Safe Online campaign for children and teens


    • A great many police officers on parade.

      Police Officer Recruitment

      The recruiting lines for police officer are now open. If you are interested in applying all the information you need is on our recruitment pages.

    • Selection process for Special Constables

      We are now accepting applications for Special Constables. Find out more about each stage of the Special Constable selection process here.

    • Selection process for Police officers

      Our selection processes identify the very best applicants. Find out more about each stage of the Police Officer selection process here.

    About Us

    • Armed Policing

      Want to know more about armed police on Scotland's streets? DCC Iain Livingstone sets out the facts here.

    • Service Fees and Charges

      How do I apply for a firearms licence? What are the charging rates for policing services? Find out here.

    Freedom of Information

    • A police officer having a talk with an elderly gentleman.

      Access to Information

      How you can make requests for information and the types of information which may be exempt from disclosure.

    • Freedom of Information

      As of 1 January 2005, you have the right to make a request for information.

    • Data Protection

      The Data Protection Act 1998 covers the whole of the United Kingdom find out how it works.

    Keep Safe

    Elderly lady answering her door to alleged workman.

    Get help and advice with anti-social behaviour , knife crime , domestic abuse , gangs and more.

    • Gangs - Advice for parents

      Has your child's group become a gang?  Find this and other information about gangs in our Keep Safe section.

    • Doorstep Crime

      Bogus callers take advantage of the most vulnerable in our communities.  Don't be a victim.

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