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    Click to access our Keep Safe section and find out what to do in the event of a terrorist attack

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    Beat Doorstep Crime

    Click here to stay one step ahead of conmen and bogus callers at your door.

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    Missing Persons

    • Sergei-Ivanov90

      Sergei Ivanov

      Appeal for Sergei Ivanov (55), reported missing on Sunday 9th April 2017 from Orkney.

    • George Stevenson 90

      George Stevenson

      Appeal for George Stevenson (70) from Falkirk and last seen in the High Station Road area around 11pm on Friday 10th February.

    If you have concerns for the safety and welfare of a person and their whereabouts is unknown, visit our Missing Persons page



    • Recruitment Campaign January 2015

      Police Officer Recruitment

      The recruiting lines for police officer are now open. If you are interested in applying all the information you need is on our recruitment pages.

    • Selection process for Special Constables

      We are now accepting applications for Special Constables. Find out more about each stage of the Special Constable selection process here.

    Policing 2026


    About the strategy

    Policing 2026 is a long-term strategy to transform how we deliver policing in Scotland. Read more about our journey as we build a flexible and sustainable policing service.

    Keep Safe

    Freedom of Information

    • A police officer having a talk with an elderly gentleman.

      Access to Information

      How you can make requests for information and the types of information which may be exempt from disclosure.

    • Freedom of Information

      As of 1 January 2005, you have the right to make a request for information.

    • Data Protection

      The Data Protection Act 1998 covers the whole of the United Kingdom find out how it works.

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