Area Commander

Chief Inspector Gary Ogilvie is the Area Commander for Dundee. He is based at Divisional Headquarters, West Bell Street, Dundee.

Chief Inspector David McIntosh is the Chief Inspector for Support and Partnerships in Dundee. He is based at Divisional Headquarters, West Bell Street, Dundee.

Dundee Area Command

With a history that stretches back over 800 years, Dundee is Scotland's fourth largest city, situated on the northern banks of the River Tay in one of Europe's most impressive geographic locations.

Traditionally famous the world over for the "three Js" - Jute, Jam & Journalism - Dundee today is a modern, vibrant city where the future is being forged now. Advances in medicine and the development of the digital media and entertainment industries are achievements of a city and people famed for their innovation and invention. A revitalised city centre and retail scene, the thriving Contemporary Arts centre, the impressive Ice Arena and a huge choice of leisure options symbolise a confident and optimistic city of the 21st century.

With a population of 145,662 (2001 census) Dundee has two universities whose students make up almost 10% of this number. Dundee styles itself as the "City of Discovery" and is named after Captain Scott's famous Antarctic exploration vessel, the RRS Discovery. The ship is berthed in the city and has been central to the setting of a new course for Dundee.

Your Priorities

  1. Public Protection and Safety
  2. Serious and Organised Crime
  3. Terrorism
  4. Antisocial Behaviour
  5. Road Safety
  6. Housebreaking

Community Policing

Inspector Kevin McMahon is the Community Inspector based at Longhaugh Police Station and deals with community partnership working within Dundee. If you wish to contact your local Community Policing Team, please select the appropriate Ward where the email, social media links and details of your local Police Station are available.

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