Divisional Commander

Chief Superintendent Campbell Thomson is the Divisional Commander for North East Division.  He is based at the Divisional Headquarters which is situated on Queen Street, in the heart of Aberdeen City Centre.

North East Division

North East Division encompasses the Aberdeenshire and Moray areas as well as the City of Aberdeen and its suburbs. The Division serves around 333,040 people over 8,551 square kilometers and is a mixture of urban and rural communities in the North East of Scotland.Divisional Headquarters is situated on Queen Street Aberdeen, in the heart of the City.

Aberdeen itself is a significant and cosmopolitan city and is the major metropolitan area of the North East Division. As such it constitutes the Division's major population areas and business and commercial environs of Scotland's third city.

Geographically the wider Division extends from Laurencekirk and St Cyrus in the South of Aberdeenshire around the city of Aberdeen to the fishing and coastal communities of the North East through Peterhead and Fraserburgh in the North. To the west it extends through mountainous Deeside and Donside and areas of the Cairngorm National Park into the Moray region where it takes in many communities including Lossiemouth, Forres and the city of Elgin as the Division extends towards the Moray Firth.

The Division comprises five Local Command Areas, two each in Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City with the fifth Command Area comprising the Moray region. Each of these Local Areas has a dedicated Area Commander who has the responsibility for all day-to-day policing functions in that area. Each area is served by a number of community policing teams. 

These teams are built around the needs of local people. They are responsible for responding to calls in the local area, as well as looking proactively for long term solutions to key local issues. Community focused policing is at the heart of what we do and is key to delivering an enhanced service to the people of the North East. We continually strive to improve the accessibility of our services, either directly to the public or through improved working practices with partners.

Partnership working is key to delivering tangible outcomes and we will continue to build upon the extensive network of agencies and organisations across all sectors. As part of Police Scotland, we are committed to delivering on our priorities and to achieving this through developing our long established innovative approach towards partnership working, whilst looking across Scotland for examples of best practice that will enhance the way in which we deliver our service.

It is our commitment, through working closely with partners and the communities themselves, to ensure that the North East of Scotland continues to be one of the safest and most welcoming areas of the country to live and work.

The Herbert Protocol

The Herbert Protocol is here to give you some reassurance and help keep your loved ones safe. This is a local initiative for residents living in Edinburgh and the North East of Scotland. The system provides the police with everything they need to know to search for the person living with the dementia.

It’s a form that is kept at home containing important information regarding known routines, habits as well as descriptions of your friend/relative and details of their and others involved with their care. It can be handed to Police so that you do not have to worry about gathering the information during what can be a very stressful time.

Read the Herbert Protocol leaflet and forms for more information.

Your Priorities

The Divisional Priorities for North East Division are:

  • Acquisitive Crime
  • Antisocial Behaviour
  • National Security
  • Public Protection
  • Road Safety and Road Crime
  • Serious and Organised Crime
  • Violent Crime.

We are acting on priorities to influence policing activity in your area.