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Not part of the job

Over the past five years assaults on police officers and staff have increased by over 22%. Between April and June 2020, there have been 1,775 reported assaults on officers and staff, that’s around 20 a day.

Our officers and staff are here to keep you and your community safe. Abuse, assault, violence and injury are not part of the job.

Aggressive or threatening behaviour or verbal abuse towards Police Scotland
officers and staff is an offence and may result in your arrest.

Police Scotland Assault Pledge

Police Scotland Chief Constable, Iain Livingstone had underlined his commitment to tackling assaults on police officers and staff with a new pledge to support their safety and welfare:

“At times of crisis, chaos and criticality, the Police Service of Scotland brings order, discipline and compassion.

“It is, then, disgraceful and deplorable when officers and staff are subjected to violence during the course of their duties.

“I have enormous concern about assaults and attacks on police officers and staff. I utterly reject any suggestion or view that they come with the job.

“I am clear that it is the strong bond of trust and confidence forged between policing and our fellow citizens from which we obtain our authority and your police service will always value that relationship.

“I’m grateful for the overwhelming support for policing from members of the public in recent weeks and months and I require that support and co-operation to continue as we work together to maintain and build our peaceful and respectful way of life.”


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