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Our Current Campaigns

Not part of the job

Over the past five years assaults on police officers and staff have increased by over 22%. Between April and June 2020, there have been 1,775 reported assaults on officers and staff, that’s around 20 a day.

Our officers and staff are here to keep you and your community safe. Abuse, assault, violence and injury are not part of the job.

Aggressive or threatening behaviour or verbal abuse towards Police Scotland officers and staff is an offence and may result in your arrest.


Student Safety

student safety banner with stick figure and notebook image

Find out about how students can start out in the safest way possible, some simple guidance to ensure they protect themselves, and above all keep safe.


Disability Hate Crime

1 in 5 people in Scotland identify as having a disability but only 4% of reported hate crime is disability hate crime. We know that it's under-reported. Our #DontTolerateHate campaign encourages both victims and witnesses to report all incidents and help stamp out disability hate crime.


Child Sexual Abuse

CSA 2020 campaign banner

Here you can find out more about online child sexual abuse, how to report it, as well as information for victims, their families and perpetrators.


Recruitment 217X145

Are you ready for a life changing career - Join us.

Coronavirus reporting and FAQ 217x145

Read about reporting and FAQ to help you understand how we are policing the restrictions.

Ask The Scottish Police Feature Bnr 217X145

The Ask the Police Scotland mobile app is available for Android or Apple iOS.