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Divisional Commander

The Divisional Commander for Tayside Division is Chief Superintendent Andrew Todd.

Tayside Division have now implemented a new operating model which has been months in the planning. The new operating model is based on a locality policing model which means existing Local Policing Area (LPA) boundaries are maintained but each LPA is sub-divided into localities which broadly mirror similar re-structuring work being carried out by the three local authorities.

Each locality will be led by an Inspector reporting to their respective LPA commanders who are Chief Inspector David McIntosh in Dundee, Chief Inspector Wayne Morrison in Angus and Chief Inspector Ian Scott in Perth & Kinross. These LPA commanders will have responsibility for all day-to-day policing functions in their areas.

Why did we need to change?

As a Division, we have listened to feedback we have received over the last two years from our own staff, the public and our key partners. Police Scotland supports Tayside and other Divisions in terms of identifying how best to police their local communities with the resources we have available. It is worth highlighting that there has been no change to the total number of officers in the Division as a result of these particular changes. We want community policing to be more effective, delivered locally by officers that both communities and partners know and recognise. We have already received positive feedback about the Dundee City Centre policing team which is part of our new policing model for the Division.

The Chief Constable believes localism is key to providing meaningful policing to the diverse communities across Scotland. Local policing Divisions across Scotland have been given much greater autonomy to determine how best to deliver policing in their local areas. We believe that our new Locality model will set us up well for the foreseeable future, not only with our key partners and local communities but also in terms of community empowerment legislation.

How will this new model be better?

Each locality will have its own Inspector and that brings management and understanding of policing issues to a much more local level. By changing the way community Sergeants and Constables are tasked and deployed, they will have much more time dedicated to dealing with local community issues and getting to know their communities.

They will be much better aligned with geographic areas so they will develop far closer links with communities. Our communities have told us that they believe we have lost elements of this kind of community policing so we want to return to it. People tell us they want to know their local community officers and know how to contact them. We understand people need this trust and confidence and we will all benefit from that.

The model is also about the future. Community Empowerment legislation will affect how we and our key partners work together to deliver joint outcomes for local communities and our new model will fit much better with how our partners are re-structuring for the future. We have taken a number of elements which we know have worked before and created a model which we consider makes best use of our available resources and is right for Tayside communities, both now and for the foreseeable future.

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