Divisional Commander

The Chief Superintendent for Fife Division is Derek McEwan.

Fife Division

Fife Division covers 1,325 sq. km between the Forth and Tay estuaries. The population of around 402,600 predominantly reside in a number of large towns including Glenrothes, Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, Lochgelly and Methil. Fife also has rural areas, particularly in North East Fife.

The Division has three territorial command areas all aligned to one local authority. Each area is served by a number of community policing teams. These teams are built around the needs of local people. They are responsible for responding to calls in the local area, as well as looking for long term solutions to key issues.

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Community Speedwatch

Community Speedwatch is a voluntary scheme driven by members of the community, and is supported by Police Scotland (Fife Division) and Fife Community Safety Partnership. Essentially, it is a high visibility deterrent which strives to encourage motorists to reduce their speed, thus improving the safety and quality of lives of the local community. 

Community Speedwatch is about speed monitoring rather than enforcement. It involves approved volunteers, in high visibility clothing, recording details of vehicles travelling above the speed limit at pre-approved sites. The volunteers use equipment approved by the home office and they are trained to operate the devices in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. The records generated are forwarded to Police Scotland who write to the registered keepers advising them of their speed and reminding them to obey the speed limits in built up areas. 

If you would like to become a volunteer please click on this link and complete the attached form and hand in to your chosen Fife Police Station. 

Fife Division is committed to improving road safety throughout the Kingdom. Cyclists have been identified as being a particularly vulnerable group.

Over the past year a number of ‘close pass’ events have been completed. ‘Close Pass’ looks at educating drivers of motor vehicles about the safest distance to overtake cyclists who are also using the roads. This has been successful and a number of social media and local campaigns have been run to highlight this.

Earlier this year, PS Adamson and PC Lee liaised with the charity, Sustrans. The charity is based in Edinburgh and provides practical safety advice for cyclists.

More information is available by clicking on the following links:

Sustrans - Links to bike maintenance, road safety for cyclists, commuting tips and how to choose the right bike.

Sustrans Commuter Information - This provides good examples of how to get people to safely change their commuting behaviour.

Your Priorities

We are acting on priorities to influence policing activity in your area. For more information see the Multi Member Ward plans in your local pages.

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