Disability Hate Crime videos

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Welcome to the Disability Hate Crime Video section where you can watch real accounts from victims of disability hate crime.

Sam is a victim of disability hate crime. #DontTolerateHate

A man spat in Sam’s face while she was on her way home from work, because he thought she looked different. You can read Sams story here.    


Alison is a victim of disability hate crime. #DontTolerateHate

Alison has a disabled parking space and talks about how she felt when her car was damaged when parked in it. Don’t tolerate hate crime in your community - together we can tackle disability hate crime. You can read Alisons story by clicking here

Ivan is a victim of Disability Hate Crime. #DontTolerateHate

Disability hate crime happens daily in our communities - support victims and play your part in stopping hate crime - report it. To read Ivans full story click here.

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