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Trauma Risk Management

Post traumatic support for all police officers and members of police staff is hugely important.



TRiM is the model of support used to provide support for officers and staff who are directly involved in potentially traumatic incidents

Examples where TRiM is commonly used:

  • Incidents involving fatalities (for example Road Traffic Collisions, Infant Deaths, Suicide).
  • Exposure to violent and life-threatening situations.
  • Multiple casualty / public disorder incidents.
  • Where overwhelming distress following an incident is experienced.

The list is not exhaustive and TRiM should be offered to all individuals who have been directly involved in a traumatic incident.

You can self-refer for TRiM or you can ask your Line Manager to make a referral on your behalf by completing the TRiM referral Form.

More information on TRiM can be found in the TRiM SOP and also on the Health & Wellbeing Intranet.

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