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      SC recruitment 2020-2

    This section of the website is designed to allow you to find out about a career in Police Scotland, whether as a Police Officer, a Special Constable or as a member of civilian Police Staff.

    Privacy Notice

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    Police Scotland processes a variety of personal data, including but not only for law enforcement purposes. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data  Protection Act 2018 require us to be more transparent in explaining how we process that data, including what we do with it, how long we intend to keep it, and on what legal basis.

    Please click here to view the Recruitment Privacy Notice.

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    Police Officers

    Police Staff

    • Who are Police Staff?

      Hundreds of vital roles exist to support front line Police Officers.  Who are they and what jobs do they do?

    • Entrance criteria

      To join us as Police Staff you must meet certain criteria.  Find out the minimum requirements here before you apply.

    • Selection Process For Staff

      To ensure your application is processed quickly and efficiently, make sure you follow these important steps.

    • Training and Induction

      When you join us you'll take part in our induction course. We're committed to helping staff develop in their roles.

    Special Constables

    • The Selection Process

      We are currently recruiting for Special Constables. There are two intakes per year. Find out more about each stage of the Special Constable selection process here.

    Police Scotland Youth Volunteers

    • Police Scotland Youth Volunteers

      Information on how you can get involved with the Police Scotland Youth Volunteers for 13-17 year olds which has expanded to all 14 divisions.