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Thank you to young people during pandemic

Published 20 May 2020

North East Division Superintendent Kate Stephen has sent a special message to all young people living in the North East for everything they are doing to help others during the coronavirus pandemic. 
"Life isn’t quite what we are used to just now, is it? Most of you won’t have been to school for a while, and you won’t be seeing your friends or family or taking part in all the activities or clubs you usually do. I know it must be really hard to miss these things that are so important to you - I see the impact this has on my own children, it is not easy. But I’m sure you all know just how crucial it is that we all make some changes at the moment, and that you stay at home to help protect our hospitals and keep your family, friends and communities safe.
"Our Police officers, Police staff and Special Constables have been working really hard over the past few weeks, patrolling your communities and explaining to those they meet just how important it is to stay at home. It’s not an easy job sometimes but there are a few things that have been brightening up our days, in particular seeing the bright and colourful paintings you have been putting in your windows and the painted rocks you have been leaving outside to show your appreciation for keyworkers - it's certainly the highlight of my day when I go walking in the woods near my house! The most important thing is that you had fun making them however I want to tell you just how much they have cheered our Police officers up as they do their bit to support all the doctors, nurses and carers helping keep people safe.
"A few weeks ago we also launched a competition on our Facebook page asking you to send in pictures of your keyworker ‘heroes’ and you’ll be pleased to hear that these are now pinned to the walls of our Police stations so that we can appreciate your brilliant drawings each time we go to work. PC Galloway who works in Fraserburgh was so inspired by the entries she saw that she has painted a rainbow Loch Ness monster in the Police station window - if you live nearby and are walking past, make sure you look up and wave hello. 
"I know that many of you will have family members who are keyworkers and you might not have seen much of them over the past few weeks - they are doing a very special job so be sure to tell them how proud you are of them. We know that everyone is making sacrifices at the moment, in particular all of you who are missing milestones and fun events. The Chief Constable of Police Scotland thanked you all last week for what you’re doing to help others, and I would like to thank you too. I am extremely proud of how you have all adapted to these difficult times, as I'm sure are all the adults in your lives.
"Take care of yourself and your families, and remember to work hard but also have fun. It is also very important that you stay safe online when doing your schoolwork, playing games or speaking to friends, so make sure you tell someone if something is troubling you. 
"Finally, if you see our Police officers out patrolling your street to help keep you safe, remember to give them a wave and shout hello. We look forward to seeing you all when you get back to school or nursery and all the clubs you love. Take care and stay safe."


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