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Tayside public thanked for co-operation during pandemic

Published 8 May 2020

Police in Tayside continue to thank the public for their co-operation, consent and compliance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Following an appearance by Police Scotland’s Chief Constable Iain Livingstone during the First Minister’s coronavirus briefing today, Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Andrew Todd is also urging everyone to stick with the guidance and to stay at home as the restrictions continue.

Ch Supt Todd said: “I continue to be extremely grateful for the public’s support of the role Police Scotland is playing in response to the pandemic. As the Chief Constable said today, society as a whole has stepped forward collectively to do their duty, and our officers and staff are being met by high levels of co-operation despite the challenges I know everyone is facing. As it stands, the guidance to continue staying at home remains – it is essential in order to protect the NHS and save lives, and I ask you to stick with it.

“Police Scotland officers will continue to visible in your community to respond to coronavirus and the day-to-day demands of Policing. If you are out and about, officers may engage with you and ask you why. Please explain your individual circumstances to them and listen to their guidance. Enforcement action is being used as a last resort and only where people continue to flout the regulations and fail to comply repeatedly with police instruction.

“Our priority also remains ensuring that people are safe, in particular supporting and protecting the vulnerable and victims of crime. Sadly, for some, the stay at home guidance may expose them to a greater risk of abuse, harm and neglect therefore if you, or someone you know, is in need of help, please come forward and let us know.

“Continue to look after yourself and your loved ones, and please play your part in helping to keep our communities safe."

The latest information on interventions by Police Scotland, including a breakdown for Tayside, is available here.


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