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New figures reveal fall in Greater Glasgow crime

Published 25 May 2020

Crime has fallen in Greater Glasgow in the past year according to figures recorded by Police Scotland.

The number of murders, attempted murders and serious assaults were all lower in 2019/20 than in 2018/19.

Police Scotland will present its Performance Report, introduced by Deputy Chief Constable Fiona Taylor, and Quarter 4 Management Information at the Scottish Police Authority’s Policing Performance Committee on Thursday, 28 May, 2020.

The report shows that there were 1,395 fewer crimes in Greater Glasgow compared to the year before. Indecent assaults and sexual assaults are also down by 103 year-on-year.Chief Superintendent Hazel Hendren, commander of Greater Glasgow Division, said: “These year-end figures demonstrate the level of commitment, collaboration and dedication officers are investing in making Glasgow safe.

“Police Scotland officers are in our communities every day, being visible, accessible and strengthening local links with our partners. Officers have the direct support of our national specialist divisions like child protection and human trafficking and I hope that gives our communities added confidence in our ability to keep them safe.

“I also hope that these latest figures reflect the strides we have made with our partners in our shared objective of increasing public confidence.

“Policing alone cannot solve some of the crimes taking place and where there are increases in criminal activity, like weapons carrying for example, we will use a targeted, appropriate and proportionate approach to solving it.

“DCC Taylor said today that we are here to keep people safe in all aspects of their lives and, now more than ever, I would echo that message to Greater Glasgow’s communities.

“As we manage our way through the forthcoming measures which will gradually ease the city out of lockdown, I want to remind people that we are still committed to your safety. If you or someone you know might be at risk, please get in touch. We will help.

Please note, the Q4 report contains Management Information figures and these are not official statistics.


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