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Week of action to focus on vulnerable road users

Published 16 March 2020

Police Scotland’s Road Policing Division is carrying out a week of action this week focusing on the safety of vulnerable road users.

The campaign, which will run from Monday 16 to Sunday 22 March, will see officers carry out enhanced activity at locations with a higher number of cyclists and pedestrians, such as schools, colleges and universities as well as town centres.

The aim is to interact with drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to raise awareness about how they can all contribute to making our roads safer.  

In Scotland in 2018, Police Scotland responded to 1,253 pedestrian casualties, with those aged 12-15 or over-70 being most impacted for fatalities and serious injuries respectively. In the same period, there were 637 pedal cyclist casualties, 87% of which took place on built-up roads.

Chief Superintendent Louise Blakelock, Head of Road Policing, said: “Road safety is an absolute priority for Police Scotland and it is vital that everyone is aware of the risks associated with using our roads, whether you use them as a motorist, a pedestrian, cyclist or any other activity.

“This campaign provides us with an excellent opportunity to highlight our collective responsibilities as road users. Some simple steps, being readily visible to others, being alert to your own surroundings, being aware and courteous to other road users, all go a long way to improving road safety.”


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