Police Lost Property Form

You should use this form to make a report of lost property to the Police Service of Scotland.

If you have lost a vehicle or animal please do not use this form - call 101 for advice.

If you have lost a bank card please contact your bank or service provider.

If you have lost a Mobile Phone please contact your network provider then complete the form below.

If you don't have an IMEI number (required for lost mobile phones only) there is no point in reporting your phone as lost as it cannot be fully identified. Please have your IMEI number ready before completing the form.

The IMEI number can be obtained from the Network Provider of the phone or from the original packaging.

Found Property is retained for three months from Date of Finding by Police Scotland - Please report your loss timeously.

All fields marked with (required) are mandatory and must be filled in.

Some more fields may become mandatory depending on what options you select.

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Date of Loss


Time of Loss


Location of loss


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