Apply now to join us as a Special Constable

With a long and impressive history the Special Constabulary is a part-time, volunteer body consisting of officers with similar powers to that of police officers. As a special constable, you'll work alongside our police officers – forging strong partnerships in the community, patrolling our streets, preventing crime and interacting with all kinds of people to help keep your local community safe.

The role is diverse but demanding. You could be doing anything from policing a football match to assisting at a road accident. Special constables also police major sporting and public events and provide an excellent bridge between the Police Service and the public, representing both the community within the police service and the police service within local communities.

Special Constables can act as a positive force for change - bringing with them an extensive pool of skills, talents, experience, local knowledge and diverse backgrounds - as well as enhancing the overall level of service provided by the police. So whatever your walk of life, step forward now and find out how being a Special Constable could be the perfect fit to suit your lifestyle.  

All applications will be subject to the national recruitment and selection process for Police Scotland. Those who are successful will benefit from a revised training programme which is closely aligned to the content of the initial training provided to Probationer Officers, currently delivered at the Scottish Police College.

Details of the training programme and a draft timetable can be found on the training section of this page.