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Entrance Criteria

There are certain criteria you must meet to join us as police staff. Read over the following information and make sure you meet these requirements before you apply.

Residency Criteria

Applicants must be a British citizen, a member of the EU or other states in the EEA, a Commonwealth citizen or a foreign national free of restrictions. You should also have been resident in the UK for a minimum of three years immediately prior to application.

Financial Status

Will you be able to manage your financial affairs on the salary offered?
Police staff are in a privileged position with regard to access to information and could be considered potentially vulnerable to corruption. Applicants to the police service should not therefore be under pressure from undischarged debts or liabilities and should be able to manage loans and debts sensibly.

Applications are subject to vetting procedures which include a full financial history check.

In addition:

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • A driving licence is not normally required – but check the advert and/or job description of the job your interested in.
  • Applications are only accepted by way of a completed, official application form.
    All material information must be disclosed. Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected.
  • Do not submit a CV.
  • Unfortunately we can only accept applications for jobs that are advertised, please don't send speculative applications.
  • Late applications will not be accepted.
  • If your application is successful your appointment is subject to security and occupational health vetting.
  • Some roles require particular qualifications. Every advertised vacancy has a 'job description' pdf file attached where you can find this information.


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