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DCC Kerr

Deputy Chief Constable – Local Policing

Deputy Chief Constable Will Kerr has executive responsibility for Local Policing, which includes the following areas of business:

  • Local Policing East
  • Local Policing West
  • Local Policing North
  • Partnership, Prevention and Community Wellbeing
  • Criminal Justice

DCC Kerr spent over 27 years in the PSNI, where he held a number of key Command-level posts, including ACC Belfast and ACC Crime and Operations.

He joined the National Crime Agency in 2017 where, as director, he was the national lead for co-ordinating the UK’s domestic and international response to child sexual abuse and exploitation, modern slavery, human trafficking and organised immigration crime.

DCC Kerr, who was awarded the OBE in 2015, joined Police Scotland in 2018 as Deputy Chief Constable for Local Policing.

In November 2021, Deputy Chief Constable Kerr was elected to one of three Delegate for Europe posts, which form part of the Executive Committee of Interpol.