Life at Home

life-at-homeHome should be a safe place where you are cared for.

The adult(s) who look after you should be able to make sure that you

  • Feel safe, cared for, happy and warm most of the time
  • Are protected from dangerous situations
  • Are clean
  • Live in a clean house
  • Brush your teeth
  • Get to school safely and on time
  • Do your homework
  • Have help when you are ill or hurt

Sometimes you or the adults who look after you may need help if

  • They hit you
  • They hit each other or argue most of the time
  • They take drugs
  • They drink a lot of alcohol
  • You are sad most of the time
  • They are sad most of the time
  • You are left to take care of yourself
  • You have to look after them

If you feel scared, sad, cold or hungry most of the time please ask for help. You can ask an adult you trust, like a teacher.

You can phone Childline on 08001111. Childline are there for you to talk to. You can say as little or as much as you want. They won’t ever judge you and will listen and support you to try and make things better. What you say to them is confidential (they won’t tell anyone).

You can also contact The Hideout if you need help. This page will help you understand what domestic abuse is, and will tell you what to do if it's happening to you.