Calling 999

Police, Ambulance and Fire Service are called emergency services.

You can call 999 for the emergency services if someone is hurt badly, if there is a fire or if you are scared and need help quickly.

If you are using your home phone or a pay phone, lift the telephone and press 999. If you are using a mobile phone press 999 then call. That might look like this...   call-icon

The person who answers the call is called an operator. The operator will ask you if you need Ambulance, Police or Fire Service.

The operator will then want to know

  • Your name
  • The phone number you are calling from if you know
  • Where you are
  • What has happened
  • If anyone is hurt

They might ask you more questions. Try and answer clearly. While they are speaking to you, they will be giving that information to the person who is on their way to help.

Find a safe place to wait on the emergency service arriving.