Drugs and Alcohol

If you have questions or worries about alcohol or drugs take a look at these websites which should help. Why don’t you give our interactive Choices video a look? What choices would you make? Follow the story based on YOUR decisions.

Talk to Frank

Talk to Frank is a website where you can access information about the most commonly used drugs, get advice from professionals and keep up to date with current legislation and news regarding illicit substances.

Know the Score

Learn what drugs look like, how they're taken, immediate effects and short and long-term risks to health and wellbeing.

Choices for Life

'Choices for Life’ is a Police Scotland initiative aimed at raising awareness amongst young people aged 11-18, about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and drugs as well as online safety and advice on how to deal with negative peer pressure.


Whether you're worried about yourself or someone else, you can find information about drug and alcohol use and smoking at this page on the Childline website.