10 drivers charged with drink/drug drive offences - North East

Published 01 July 2019

Ten motorists were charged during the weekend in connection with drink/drug driving offences, including a 50-year-old woman who was stopped in the Dyce area with a reading of more than five times the limit.

Stops were also made in Inverurie, Buckie, Portsoy, Turriff, Cullen, Keith and Torry in Aberdeen, with a number of the drivers stopped during road checks as part of Police Scotland’s national summer Drink/Drug Drive Campaign. Officers across the country are conducting additional intelligence-led, high-visibility patrols and roadside checks to send a clear message to those who are still putting themselves and others at risk of being killed or seriously injured that their behaviour will not be tolerated.   

A number of the detections were made during early morning hours.

Road Policing Sergeant Andy Meikleham said: "It is shocking that there remains a persistent minority who selfishly disregard the law and gravely and recklessly risk the safety of other road users. Driving immediately after drinking too much is completely unacceptable, however you also need to be aware of the risk of still being over the limit the morning after depending on how much alcohol you have consumed. Everyone's metabolism is unique to them and their bodies react to alcohol differently, so it is essential that all drivers take seriously their personal responsibility to ensure they are fit to drive.

“For those who ignore the law you could risk a minimum 12 month driving ban when caught, a criminal record, a substantial fine and the possibility of a prison sentence and the confiscation of your motor vehicle. Above all that, you risk injuring yourself or other innocent road users. Respect the law, other road users and yourself.”

He added: “These checks will continue alongside the regular patrols that are led by officers across the North East on a daily basis. Drink and drug driving wrecks live – don’t risk it.”

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