Three youths charged within Aberdeen Dispersal Zone

Published 20 June 2019

Three youths have been charged in relation to antisocial behaviour following incidents within the area of the Aberdeen City Centre Dispersal Zone.

Two boys aged 15 and one boy aged 12 years were charged in relation to antisocial behaviour due to issues on the evening of Wednesday 19 June 2019.  

The youths were arrested, charged in the presence of a parent and reports will be sent to the Youth Justice Management Unit.

Community Policing Team Inspector Vicky Stables said: “Whilst the vast majority of people coming to Aberdeen City Centre do so peacefully, where individuals choose to engage in antisocial behaviour, which results in distress to members of the public, we will take action.

“Under the Dispersal Powers, where appropriate, officers can instruct individuals to leave the dispersal zone area and not return for a period of 24 hours. Anyone not complying with this instruction risks being arrested and potentially charged.

“We have a number of options open to us and the powers to disperse individuals is not intended to be a first resort. Since the zone came into effect at the start of the month, officers have been out engaging with young people in the city centre to reduce the likelihood of antisocial behaviour issues.

“I would like to remind everyone of their responsibilities when coming into the city centre to socialise to do so responsibly and without causing harm or distress to members of the public. Where issues arise, we will take action which could result in people being arrested and potentially charged.“

Using legislation set out by the Scottish Government under the Antisocial Behaviour (Scotland) Act 2004, police have a Power of Dispersal within a designated zone.

The Dispersal Zone was brought into effect over the weekend, Friday, 31 May - Sunday, 2 June, and is anticipated to run until the end of August. It will be in place every day between 12pm and 12am.

Officers can instruct any people in groups of two or more who are congregating and are likely to cause distress to members of the public through antisocial behaviour to leave the zone and not return within 24 hours. Those who do not comply or who seek to return to the area outlined can risk being arrested.

The designated area includes the main city centre thoroughfare including Union Street, Bon Accord Centre and Union Square Shopping Centres, Union Terrace and Market Street. A map of the dispersal zone can be found on the Police Scotland website. 

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