Six men were convicted at the High Court in Glasgow

Published 26 April 2019

At the High Court in Glasgow today Thursday 25 April 2019, six men were convicted of being responsible for being involved in a conspiracy to murder.

Following the convictions of 35 year old John Hardie, 54 year old Robert Pickett, 40 year old Andrew Gallacher, 37 year old Brian Ferguson, 32 year old Andrew Sinclair and 45 year old Peter Bain, Detective Inspector Jim Bradley, who worked on the complex and protracted enquiry, said:

"I welcome the verdict from court today and would like to take this opportunity to thank the witnesses who came forward. Their courage to provide their evidence which has been crucial in obtaining the convictions today.

"The weapons used in the attacks including machettes, meat cleavers, swords and hammers were clearly likely to result in death or significant life changing injuries for the victims. If it had not been for medical intervention a number of the victims would not have survived the attacks.

"When carrying out their premeditated, violent attacks, these individuals had absolutely no regard for the safety of innocent people in the vicinity of where they were carrying out their crimes. On one occasion, one victim that they had targeted was chased into a neighbour's house, who woke to find strangers in their home, in the dark, with someone being viciously attacked.

"This gang planned their attacks by using tracking devices on cars of their would-be victims, surveilling them for weeks and months before attacking them. This also included lying in wait for victims before ambushing them in their cars in the middle of residential areas. It is by some miracle that innocent members of the public were not injured or worse during these acts of violence.

"The individuals convicted today were tasked by higher ranking criminal associates to carry out their acts of violence for payment on people they didn't even know. These men are clearly seen as disposable by those in the upper echelons of crime groups.

"There are no winners here. A number of the victims have suffered life-changing injuries, which have affected them and their families. Those convicted today have caused suffering, not only to the victims, but also their own families, by their involvement in violent crime and their subsequent interaction.

"I hope that today's verdict serves as a deterrent to anyone who thinks that a life of being involved in this type of criminality seems glamorous. It is not."

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