Public warned after phone scam in Rigg

Published 30 January 2018

Officers are again warning the public to be on their guard after a woman in Rigg, Gretna, lost around £29,000 at the weekend in a cold calling scam over the telephone.

The 59-year-old woman received a telephone call on Saturday morning, 27 January 2018 from a man purporting to be from BT Openreach, indicating that there had been some suspicious activity on her computer. The caller then got the woman to follow a series of instructions relating to her computer, which would seemingly protect her computer from any further attack. Through this process the caller has managed to gain access to the victim's online banking system where the money, totalling almost £29,000 was removed.

Constable Ryan McGarvey said, "This was not a quick call by any manner and the woman was kept on the line for a good number of hours before she eventually became suspicious. By then however it was too late and the money had been removed from her accounts.

"We are finding that the people who carry out these scams are becoming more sophisticated in their methods. Our message however remains the same, do not engage with anyone who cold calls you on any matter.

"Take time out, think about why it is you have been called, and, in your own time, call, on a recognised number the company that has allegedly called you. Reputable companies do not carry out their business in this manner. Be aware. Stop and think what you stand to lose by carrying on with the call."

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