More than 30 people dealt with during Aberdeen weekend patrols

Published 29 January 2018

More than 30 people were dealt with during the weekend for a range of offences during proactive action to ensure Aberdeen city-centre remains a safe place to go out in.

A team of plain-clothed officers launched the operation throughout Friday and Saturday evenings (January 26 and 27, 2018) supported by volunteer Special Constables, a crucial resource within North East Police Divisionconsisting of members of the public who give up their own time to assist with operational policing.

During the course of the weekend their efforts resulted in 18 people being issued with anti-social behaviour penalties for minor matters such as urinating in the street. Twelve people were also charged in connection with the alleged possession of personal quantities of controlled drugs, while a man was arrested for breaching a Court Curfew Bail Order which prohibits him from being in the city-centre.

In addition the team supported the wider City Centre Community Policing Team (CPT) by visiting more than 40 licensed premises to check that staff are following the correct procedures to ensure that people can enjoy themselves in safe and welcoming places.

PC Melissa McGonagle, of the city-centre CPT - who helped lead the operation - said: "Staff working at the pubs, bars and clubs we visited were extremely supportive of our checks and are evidently committed to ensuring that the city-centre remains a safe place throughout the year. I would like to thank them for their continued support and we look forward to working with them in 2018 to ensure standards remain consistently high.

"The stark reality is that when alcohol is involved people's inhibitions can be lowered and you may behave in a way you would never normally dream of when sober. Police officers can play an important role in deterring unwanted behaviour and dealing robustly with those who offend however we need the public to take responsibility for their own actions and for them to know their limits. Just one night of madness fuelled by drinking too much can have devastating results - is it really worth it?

"I must stress that the overwhelming majority of people who go out in the city-centre are there to enjoy themselves, but to the minority who choose to behave in an anti-social way I can provide every assurance that you will not get away with it."

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