Behave if planning night out on pay day weekend

Published 26 January 2018

Police in the Highlands and Islands are urging people to behave responsibly if they are planning a night-out this weekend.

For many it is the first pay-day weekend after Christmas and New Year and it is anticipated that licenced premises across the region will be busy.

Superintendent Mark Mackay said: "Over the festive period and into January, due to close working with the licensed trade and other partners, there has generally been a low level of violence and anti-social behaviour throughout the area, which is very positive.

"We are glad that people have been able to enjoy themselves safely and responsibly,  taking on board our messages that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

"Experience tells us that many people will make the most of the first pay weekend after New Year and rightly enjoy a night-out.

"As always, we want people to have fun but also to behave responsibly and to know your limits.

"We will be working with licensed premises and other partners over the weekend to make sure that any unacceptable behaviour is quickly dealt with and does not spoil the experience of the vast majority who simply want to enjoy themselves in a safe environment."

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