Torchlight procession and Hogmanay air restrictions in Edinburgh

Published 28 December 2018

Police in Edinburgh are advising the public that a no-fly zone will be in place for aircraft during both the Torchlight Procession and Hogmanay Street Party.

The air restrictions will be within a two mile radius of the junction between East Market Street and Jeffrey Street. This covers all areas from this centre point to:

* Figgat Park, Portobello to the East

* Braid Hills to the South

* Edinburgh Zoo to the West

* The Forth Coastline to the North

It means that no aircraft can fly below 2,200 feet above mean sea level within the area bounded by a circle with a radius of 2 nautical miles centred on 555705N 0031106W.

It will be in operation between 3pm and 11pm Sunday 30th December, and then between 2pm on Monday 31st December and 3am on Tuesday 1st January.

Owners and operators of drones, as well as other aircraft, are strictly prohibited from entering these areas during the specified times in compliance with the Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Edinburgh) Regulations 2018.

The restrictions do not apply to any aircraft flying in the service of Police Scotland, the Scottish Air Ambulance Service and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, or those which have asked for and been granted permission to do so in advance.

Aircraft making an approach to, or departure from, Edinburgh Airport while under the control of Edinburgh Airport Air Traffic Control are also not subject to the restrictions.


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