Policing 2026 - Communities of the Future

This week we are looking at “Communities of the Future”. So, what will a community in Scotland and beyond look like by 2026?

We know that there will be advancement’s in technology and the way we live our lives will continue to change by increased use and access to social media as we connect with friends and families. The interconnectivity in the “Internet of Things” will be an increasing influence in the online environment as we bank, educate, shop, socialise and communicate with increased frequency.

In anticipating future trends, will robots become a normalised part of our daily professional and personal activities? There will surely be an increased use of virtual reality? How can we police the virtual space, prevent harm and keep our communities safe?

There will be more drones, what issues do they raise in relation to privacy rights? But, could they also be used at major incidents to help the public and the police? What about road safety and driver-less cars?

Communities of the futureBy 2026, more crime will be cyber-dependent and committed online. As the police service, we need an agile trained adaptable work force to ensure that we have the skills and tools to deal with all of these changes. We are currently working with a range of partners to ensure that our workforce will have the capability required to withstand these new challenges.

We need to continue to work with you to make sure that you are as safe as possible as you engage increasingly in an online lifestyle. 

This includes our business community so that we can use technology to prevent crime and promote business resilience. For example, can we prevent fraud by designing out the problem? 

Could a retina scanning device or a brainwave detecting password mechanism mean that criminals can no longer access other people’s online banking?

What challenges and issues do you think we need to plan for?

2026 bannerOur consultation closes on the 8th of May so please have your say and contribute at https://consult.scotland.police.uk/consultation/2026/ to let us know your views about the future of Policing as we look ahead to 2026.