CT Awareness Week - International Protect and Prepare

ACT bannerDuring the last two years, as part of the UK policing network, Police Scotland, in support of the fight against International Terrorism, has deployed Counter Terrorism Security Advisors to assist in a number countries including Belgium, Austria, Italy, Germany, United States of America and Tunisia. 

During the deployments national Counter Terrorist products, Counter Terrorist awareness inputs and assistance following Terrorists attacks have been provided.

Border Policing Command

Border Policing Command makes a significant contribution to countering the terrorist threat and maintaining security in Scotland, the UK and Europe through the deployment of dedicated resources at our aviation and maritime ports.

The principal function is to facilitate the safety of the travelling public and protect the transport infrastructure of our air and sea ports, reducing vulnerabilities, lessening risks and being in a state of preparedness to react efficiently and effectively to all threats.

In addition to their primary role in Scotland, Police Scotland (BPC Protective Security) currently hold the Chair of the UK Airport Police Commanders Group, coordinating key activities relating to Aviation Protective Security, and also sit as an Executive Member of the European Airport Commanders Group, Airpol, and are a major contributor to a number of expert working groups in Europe.

Police Scotland recognises that the aviation and maritime sectors are a critical part of the national infrastructure and present a unique set of policing challenges.

The Border Policing Command are committed to keeping people safe at Scotland’s airports, ferry and seaports by countering the threat from international and domestic terrorism and the exploitation of borders and ports from serious and organised crime which can involve human trafficking, drugs and weapons within the port environment. You can find out more on our Border Policing Command page.

Project Pegasus

Police visit non-designated airfields in Scotland to engage with owners, pilots and operators in an effort to maintain an effective working relationship with the general aviation community and to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, in particular, the Terrorism Act (TACT) 2000.

Project PEGASUS is a joint initiative by the National  Crime Agency, the Association of Chief Police  Officers and UK Border Force, to address terrorist  and criminal threats to the aviation scene. Help us to  protect you. Talk to us about activity that makes you  uncomfortable and we’ll make sure the information  gets to the people who need to see it.

You can find out more on our Suspicious Airport Behaviour – Project Pegasus page.

Project Kraken

Project Kraken delivers an enhanced crime and counter terrorist ‘vigilance’ capability within the maritime environment of Scotland. It engages key stakeholders together with local communities to provide a hostile environment to terrorists and criminals looking to disrupt the everyday lives and safety of those who live, work, or travel through Scotland.

Project Kraken provides for the collation and assessment of all information and intelligence relating to such suspicious activity or behaviour in circumstances that could be linked to criminal or terrorist activity or acts of a preparatory nature. It allows for the appropriate deployment of assets and resources from Police Scotland and its partner agencies in response to a potential or defined threat.

You can find out more on our Suspicious Maritime Behaviour – Project Kraken page.