Counter Terrorism Awareness: Citizen Aid

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What is citizenAID™?

citizenAID is a free to use mobile app launched on 1st January 2017, available to use on all smartphones.

The aim is to guide the public in their response to a bomb, shooting or terrorist attack before emergency services arrive.

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The initiative builds on tried and tested principles used in a combat setting and transfers this knowledge to the public.

Why was it developed?

The idea for the app came from those with an experience of treating blast and gunshot injuries, with a need to provide the general public with clear and simple actions to quickly react to a shooting, stabbing or bomb incident.

Four experienced military and civilian doctors helped produce the initiative to improve public resilience to incidents.

How can it help?

There can always be a slight delay before emergency services arrive following an incident and therefore it’s vital that people who have been caught up in a situation have access to life saving first aid advice.

In short, many deaths after a shooting, stabbing or bomb incident can be avoided if the victim’s injuries are dealt with quickly, particularly bleeding.

It was designed to help the public react safely, pass effective messages to the emergency services and provide effective organisation and immediate treatment.

Citizen Aid can save lives.

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The greatest threat to a patient after serious injury is time. When there is a shooting or stabbing incident the first priority for the emergency services is public safety. This means access to the injured may be delayed. citizenAID empowers the public in these difficult situations to help themselves, their family and friends, and the wider community, while waiting for the emergency services. It provides the public with information to encourage immediate action that can genuinely save lives.

Sir Keith Porter, co-author of citizenAID

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A bomb scene – citizenAID in action

Citizen Aid launched a public information film to show how the actions of ordinary people can help save lives in the immediate aftermath of an explosion. Set in a busy transport hub, it follows a member of staff using the citizenAID app to help injured members of the public affected by the blast.

The film features graphic images of simulated injuries which some might find upsetting. To watch the video visit the ‘A bomb scene – citizenAID in action (a simulated incident)’ page on the citizenAID website.