Behind the Scenes at the Edinburgh Festival

On a rainy day in August we went through to Edinburgh to see how Police Scotland was policing the Edinburgh Festival.

We visited the Unofficial Venue 999, spoke with Superintendent Lesley Clark about the organisation that goes into policing the Festival and we followed and spoke to officers as they patrolled the Royal Mile and interacted with the public.

Superintendent Lesley Clark, speaking at Unofficial Venue 999 next to the Scott Monument in Princes Street Gardens, said:

'We have two points that are open 10am to 11pm everyday. 

"One of them is here at Unofficial Venue 999 which allows members of the public to come up, get some leaflets, meet officers, get some pictures taken with our mascots Bobbi and Baddie Bear, and we have a similar venue on the High Street.

3 officers Edinburgh festival

"We don't want to be killjoys. We want people to come here and have fun, but remember to be a bit sensible!" 

You can learn more about how we are policing the Edinburgh Festival and how you can stay safe by visiting the Edinburgh Police Division page.