Child Sexual Exploitation Campaign

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The Campaign

The first Police Scotland campaign on CSE ‘Grooming a child for sex? We’re on to you.’ launched in the week commencing 29 August 2016. The campaign will have a perpetrator focus with a partnership approach to ensure victims receive all the support they need.
The majority of communications with the public on the subject of CSE concentrates on spotting the signs of a victim of CSE and reporting it. Police Scotland has a different focus; perpetrator focus - with a view to preventing people ever becoming a victim.

This will be achieved by:

  • showing people what the signs are of offending behaviour and asking them to be alert to it and report any concerns
  • acting on intelligence and prosecuting offenders preventing them from abusing further
  • targeted messages at perpetrators highlighting the fact that their grooming techniques are known and Police Scotland will not tolerate CSE.

The campaign aims to address perpetrators directly and reflects the complex nature of CSE and how perpetrator behaviour can at times be hidden under a veil of seemingly innocent contact when, in reality, the child is being groomed for the purposes of sexual abuse. This campaign alerts public that we are aware of the manipulative behaviours that can be used by individuals and asks the public to report concerns.  

Although the main focus of the campaign will be on perpetrators, we will also be working closely with a wide range of partners, including Barnardo’s, to ensure that victims of child sexual exploitation receive all the information and support they need to come forward with confidence. We will also be giving victims and the public essential information on spotting the signs of child sexual exploitation are and how to report it.

Target Audience

The campaign had a perpetrator focus with a view to preventing people ever becoming a victim.

The communications are aimed to reach out to potential victims, alerting them to perpetrators behaviour preventing them becoming a victim and to the public encouraging them to report anything unusual to help gather intelligence.

Key Messages

  • Grooming a child for sex? We’re on to you.
  • CSE is happening to boys & girls across Scotland.
  • Got info – report it.

Communication Methods

The messages of the campaign were delivered by using:

  • Out of home advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Police Scotland website
  • PR opportunities
  • Affinity Marketing

Further Information

For further information on the campaign/information on how you can help promote the campaign, please contact

Please note this mailbox is monitored Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm and should not be used to report a crime. Members of the public should call 101 to contact Police Scotland, in an emergency always call 999.