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Festive Domestic Abuse 2015

Information about the Festive Domestic Abuse campaign which is running between 18th December 2015 until 6th January 2016.

Festive Safety 2015

Information on Police Scotland's annual Festive Safety Campaign which a focuses on a issues which could affect people in Scotland over the coming winter months.

Student Safety 2015

Police Scotland has launched its Student Safety 2015 Campaign promote several key messages to ensure students feel safe as term time comes to a start.

Hate Crime 2015

Police Scotland has launched its Hate Crime Campaign to inspire victims to come forward and encourage Scotland to stand up to hate crime.

We Can Stop It

Police Scotland launched it's 'We Can Stop It' Rape Campaign on Wednesday 8th July to raise public awareness of what rape is and what consent really means.

Festival Safety

Information on how you can stay safe at festivals this summer in Scotland.

Wildlife Crime

Police Scotland launched it's Wildlife Crime campaign encouraging the general public to be vigilant about wildlife crime and report any suspicious activity.