Festival Safety

Have a safe and enjoyable festival experience this summer by following our advice:

Theft, Fraud and Lost Property

Make it difficult for criminals by following these tips:

• Protect your valuables - record details of your mobile phone, camera and tablet at immobilise.com, before you set off

• Only take what you need and don’t leave valuables or anything with your identity on it unattended when you get there

• Lock all valuables out of sight. Don’t leave anything on display in your car – leave the glove box empty and open

• Beware of pickpockets – try not to display cash, expensive items or jewellery too overly and only carry what cash you need

• Stay alert at cash machines

Visit our Keep Safe section for more help and advice.

Antisocial Behaviour

Police Scotland is committed to tackling anti-social behavior - but to do so effectively we need your help:

• Carrying a weapon is an offence – it’s against the law and those found in possession of offensive weapons will be arrested

• Don’t bring smoke canisters, pellets, flares or other pyrotechnics

• Be responsible and party safe

• Respect local residents and other festival goers

• When you’re having fun don’t place yourself or anybody else in danger

Find out more about Anti-Social Behaviour, including what you can do and how we tackle this issue.

Substance Misuse

Drugs and alcohol can leave you vulnerable to criminal activity (e.g. assault or theft of personal belongings).  They can impair your judgement putting you at risk.

• Taking drugs or New Psychoactive Substances (so called legal highs) is dangerous – there is no ‘safe’ amount or way to take them

• It doesn’t matter what controlled drug or how little you have, you can still be arrested and charged

• You can never be sure what’s in any drug or New Psychoactive Substance or how it will affect you

• Taking any drug or New Psychoactive Substance is unsafe in itself, the risk is heightened when you mix this with alcohol or other substances

• If you have taken a substance and feel unwell then seek urgent medical assistance

Personal Safety

You can make yourself less likely to be the victim of a crime if you take a few sensible precautions - many are common sense and may be things that you already do. Remember:

• Stay with friends and if you leave them make sure they know where you’re going

• Stay alert – people under the influence of drink and drugs are far easier targets for criminals

• Never have sexual intercourse with anyone who is unable to give their consent because they are too drunk or under the influence of drugs.  In Scots Law this is rape

• Stick to busy areas of the arena and campsite – don’t be drawn to secluded spots

• Don’t let people into your tent you don’t know

Travel Safety

If you are using public transport try to use busy bus stops, especially after dark.  On an empty bus, sit near the driver and on an outside seat next to the walkway. On a train sit in a carriage where there are other people – ideally one which will allow you to alight close to your station’s exit.

If you need a taxi or private hire car, pre-book with a company you trust and always sit in the back. Try to remember the name of the taxi/private hire company or the vehicle licence number. You will be asked for this information if you have any complaints or queries about your journey. Remember:

• Plan your travel arrangements in advance of the event

• Traffic will be heavy – leave enough time to get to where you’re going

• Make sure you’ve got all your belongings before you leave

• Don’t get into a car and travel home with people you’ve just met and don’t know

• If you’re driving home, make sure you’re not under the influence even from the night before

Visit our Travel Safe page for more information of travel safety

Getting help and reporting crime

You can visit our Contact section for a variety of ways to contact the police.

• If you need help then call the police on 101 or if it’s an emergency dial 999

• Do you have information about crime or criminals?  Contact Crimestoppers and report it anonymously on 0800 555 111

• Are you a young person with information about crime?  Report it to Crimestoppers anonymously and in confidence at Fearless.org

• Find out more about substance misuse and where to get help at Knowthescore.info 

• Are you between 11 and 18?  Get the facts about substance misuse at choicesforlifeonline.org

If you think that you have been victim of drug assisted sexual assault or that your drink has been spiked, ensure someone contacts the police as soon as possible, you need to get advice/help quickly.

Logistics and getting around

Know where you are going and how to get there. Familiarise yourself with your surroundings and always have your mobile phone charged and with you. Leave details or tell someone where you are going and how long you expect to be. If your plans change let someone know.

• Make sure you have your ticket / wristband before you arrive and avoid touts

• Follow directions of police, event security and stewards. Contact them if you need help.

• Bring a map of the site and keep it on you while you’re there

• Know where your pick up and drop off points are

• Make sure you know the zone your tent is in