Hate Crime Form

This form is to report non-urgent hate crime which has occurred in Scotland.

Police will only receive this form during normal office hours. If you require an immediate response please telephone 101.
In an emergency, please dial 999.

It can be used if you have been the victim of a hate crime, if you have witnessed a hate crime, or if you are reporting a hate crime on behalf of someone else (known as a third party report).

Please fill in this form in as much detail as you feel able to.

1 - Hatred motivation

Based on the definition of a hate crime, what do you consider to be the motivating factor behind this incident. Why do you think that this happened? (required)

2 - Victim, Witness or 3rd Party Report

3 - Victim Details

The Police Service of Scotland will record this incident. If you are happy to be contacted, please complete the boxes below.
If you wish to remain anonymous please leave this section blank however, the Police may not be able to fully investigate the matter if this information isn't given.
If you have any special requirements please visit Section 7 of this form.


4 - Incident Details

Include premises, street, town and post code. If the incident occurred in or near a football stadium, please include relevant details, e.g. seat number of involved parties, etc:
Was anyone injured?
Did any loss or damage to property result from the incident?
What actually happened?
Please tell us in as much detail as possible. Also include victim's details if not already entered:

5 - Witness Details

Were there any witnesses?

6 - Offenders Details

Could you identify them again?
Do you know them?
Include age, height, build, hair colour and style, distinguishing marks or features.
Did the offenders have a vehicle?

7 - Special Requirements

Interpreter required?
Are you happy for the police to telephone you?
Are you happy for the police to attend in person?

Email notification