Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse Scotland

The Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse Scotland is a way for people to ask the Police if someone has a history of domestic abuse and if so, to disclose that information to their partner – the person's partner can also apply.

You can use this form to make an application:

  • About your own partner or
  • About someone else's partner (if you think that person's partner should be told if their partner has a history of domestic abuse).

The purpose of providing information to people is to allow them to make an informed decision about their situation when they may be at risk in a relationship.

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Application Area

Please select which area your application relates to:

Section 1 - The person at risk

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Section 2 - The person you are requesting information about?

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Section 4 - Children

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Section 5 - Why are you worried?


Section 6 - Safety Questions



Section 7 - How can we contact you?

By submitting this application you consent to the processing and sharing of the information with partner agencies within the remit of the Scheme.

Once you have submitted this application the process will be completed within 45 days. This means we will try to contact you within the first few days and keep in contact from then on. By the end of the 45 days a decision should have been made as to whether or not a disclosure will be made. Please see the DSDAS information page on this site for more information.

Section 8 - Further Information