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How can children be kept safe from knife crime?

Most people will never experience knife crime first-hand, but the consequences for those who do can be devastating. 

Police Scotland and our partners are working hard to change attitudes towards the carrying of knives.

No Knives, Better Lives is a national initiative delivered by Youthlink Scotland which works with local organisations to provide information and support aimed at raising awareness of the consequences of carrying a knife. 

No Knives, Better Lives also provides information on local activities and opportunities for young people, promoting positive lifestyle choices.

It is aimed not only at young people but also provides information for parents, carers and practitioners in a thought provoking and engaging way. 

The resource gives the facts about knife crime and punishments should any person be caught with a knife. 

Advice and guidance is also provided to assist parents to have a conversation with their child about the issue.  

A helpline is also available to those who need further assistance. The parentline can be reached on 0800 28 22 23.

More information can be found at the No Knives, Better Lives website.