Two girls talking to the police

How is Police Scotland engaging with young people?

Police Scotland is committed to keeping young people safe. This includes making sure they can get the information they need to make the right choices and showing them who they can turn to for further help and advice.

What does this include?

  • Giving them credible facts about the things that matter to them, either directly from Police Scotland or through the many partners we work with.
  • Directing them to organisations where they can find out about diversionary activities in their area.
  • Letting them know about legal issues that affect them and their legal rights.
  • Providing opportunities to safely report crime and criminality, anonymously and in confidence.
  • Giving them more information about Police Scotland and how they can become involved in our work.
  • Providing more information to parents, guardians, carers, teachers and youth workers to ensure they can have meaningful, informed conversations with young people about issues affecting them.

Where can I see this information?

To find out how we’re engaging with young people online and see the information we’re offering them, visit our Information For Young People’s webpage or return to the Information for parents, carers, teachers and youth workers webpage to get more information to help you deal with specific issues affecting young people.