Supporting children and young people 

We all recognise the positive impact children and young people can have, though they are at an age group often unfairly stereotyped and stigmatised.

Children and young people are at a period of their lives where they face choices and it is important they are supported to make the best possible decisions for their future. 

Keeping young people safe is a priority of Police Scotland but it’s important that adults (including parents, teachers, carers and youth workers) know how they can help them. Police Scotland offers a number of resources to help you.

The Sex Offender Community Disclosure Scheme

The Sex Offender Community Disclosure Scheme is an information sharing process that allows any member of the public to make an application to Police Scotland if they have a concern about a person’s access to a child. Find out more here.

How can children be kept safe from knife crime?

Knife carrying can wreck lives – find out here where you can get more information and help if your child is in a gang.

How can children be kept safe from substance misuse?

How can I stop my child from drinking alcohol or taking drugs?  What is a so-called ‘legal high’ and why is the term misleading? 

How can I be sure I know what my kids are talking about? 

Substance misuse, where to get credible facts and how to discuss it with your child can appear a minefield – let Police Scotland help you.

How can children be safe online?

There are many things that everybody needs to think about to keep safe online, but there are some issues you should know about that are particularly relevant to young people. 

Get more information to keep young people safe online.

How is Police Scotland engaging with young people?

It’s important that we give young people the opportunity to find information that will help them keep themselves safe. Find out here how we’re doing this.