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Personal Safety

Whether you’re in your own home, out and about, online, or even visiting Scotland on holiday there are many things you can do to protect yourself from criminals and keep safe – find out here.


Information on stalking and how you can report it if you are being a victim.

Festival Safety

Information on how you can stay safe at festivals this summer in Scotland.

On the Move

Whether travelling on foot, by car, public transport or taxi – find out simple steps you can take to keep yourself safe.

Party Safe

Look at our advice about how you can keep safe whilst having fun on a night out.

Substance Misuse

Controlled Drugs, New Psychoactive Substances and Solvent abuse ruin lives – get some information about substance misuse here and where to go for further information and help.

Identity Theft, Fraud and Scams

Identity theft can ruin lives and financial reputation. Fraudsters try to trick people in many ways – find out here how you can protect yourself.

Doorstep Crime and Bogus Callers

From bogus callers to rogue traders, doorstep criminals are cunning, creative, and often very convincing. The impact they leave on how safe people feel in their own home can be devastating. Get more information to protect yourself, your family, friends and neighbours here.

Online Security

Learn about internet security and how to avoid online fraud.

Tourists and Visitors

If you’re visiting Scotland we know you’ll have a fantastic time here. Keep yourself safe by following our tips for visitors.

Student Safety

Student life and perhaps even moving to your own place for the first time, brings its own challenges – get some advice here on how to keep safe.