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Community Risk Registers

Community Risk Registers (CRRs) have been published on the Fire Scotland website, providing detailed information about the biggest risks to your area and how you can be as prepared as possible for different scenarios.

Based on extensive risk assessment by multi-agency partnership, the CRRs highlight the risks that have the highest potential for significant impact, causing disruption to you the individual and your community.

The Registers also let you know what organisations (including Police Scotland) are there in place to help if a scenario does occur. They also highlight the different ways that an emergency can affect you, your community and your broader region.

By being prepared and knowing the possible hazards in your area you can best prepare for the consequences if/when they do come.

You can read your area’s Community Risk Register at the Fire Scotland website and below you can access the specific PDFs for your part of Scotland.

Community Risk Register - East of Scotland

Community Risk Register - North of Scotland

Community Risk Register - West of Scotland