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Help for Victims of Sexual Crime

In February 2018, Police Scotland launched a campaign to raise awareness that sex without consent is rape.

  • If a person is unable to give consent to sexual activity, for whatever reason, then this is rape, a serious criminal offence.
  • People cannot consent to sex whilst they are asleep.
  • It is rape to have sex with someone who cannot give consent due to the effects of alcohol or drugs
  • Being in any form of relationship does not give the right to have sex without consent.
  • Police Scotland will seek justice for victims by taking action against perpetrators.
  • Tackling the serious crime of rape is a priority for Police Scotland; rape will not be tolerated within the communities of Scotland.

For more information, please visit We Can Stop It

The only person to blame for sexual offending is the perpetrator, and we are committed to continually improving the service we provide. We will also continue to work closely with Rape Crisis and the National Advocacy Project, which provides support to survivors of sexual crime who have engaged with or are considering engaging with the criminal justice system.

  • Police Scotland has a National Rape Task Force and Rape Investigation Units within every Division across Scotland dedicated to the investigation of rape and serious sexual crime.
  • Reporting a crime of rape early can increase our ability to charge the person responsible, however we will investigate every report with the same level of thoroughness regardless of when it happened.
  • No-one should feel guilty or embarrassed about reporting a crime of rape; we will deal with your report sensitively and thoroughly with consideration to your needs.
  • Police Scotland will ensure you receive all the necessary support available if you are a victim of rape.
  • Police Scotland will also ensure you are provided with the opportunity to obtain support through our partners who include Assist; Women’s Aid, White Ribbon Scotland and Rape Crisis Scotland.

Police Scotland is committed to supporting victims of rape and other sexual offences regardless of when the attack happened. The support will continue throughout the investigation by providing a service in a professional and compassionate manner whilst conducting a thorough enquiry.  

Sexual crime has a long term devastating affect and we are committed to supporting those who have suffered. We recognise how difficult it can be to report sexual crime and we have specially trained officers who are here to help and support you.


If you have been raped or sexually assaulted:  

  • You do not have to cope on your own.
  • There are many support services which can help you. They know how difficult it is for people to come forward.
  • They will respect you and believe you You are not to blame. The person who raped or assaulted you is to blame.

If you have not yet contacted the police after an attack, then please consider doing so. Specially trained officers will be available to assist you and you can be confident that your complaint will be taken seriously.   


Police Scotland has established a National Rape Task Force which includes Rape Investigation Units in each of the 14 local divisions across Scotland.  These units are led by Detective Inspectors and staffed by specially trained officers.  


Call us on 101 or contact the Rape Crisis Scotland National Helpline on 08088 01 03 02 (daily 6pm-12 midnight). In an emergency always call 999.


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