We Can Stop It 

Our priority is you. We want to know that you are safe and well and do not require immediate medical attention and are not in any immediate danger. You will always be treated with respect and dignity during any contact with the police.

The police investigation will initially involve obtaining the details of the attack and arranging for a forensic medical examination to be carried out by trained medical professionals.

A statement will need to be obtained however this can be done at a time and place to suit you and with a friend/family member or counsellor with you to provide support.

A Sexual Offences Liaison Officer will work with you and explain what the police investigation will entail

Some immediate information that will be needed is: when did the attack happen; do you require medical assistance; where are you now; is the attacker still nearby and are you in danger; do you know the name of your attacker; where did the attack happen; do you still have the clothing worn at the time, if yes then keep this in a bag.

The earlier a report is made to the police increases the opportunity to obtain forensic evidence.


Rape Crisis Scotland: Survivors' Guide to the Scottish Justice System