Are you an Abuser?

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If you are an abuser you should be aware that you will be held accountable for your behaviour. This means:

  • If you have committed or are committing Domestic Abuse towards your partner, or ex-partner it will not be tolerated and there will be consequences.
  • Time is running out and there is no hiding place.
  • Controlling behaviours include a range of physical, verbal, sexual, psychological and financial controls used by perpetrators to apply pressure to exert control over their victims.
  •  Any criminal behaviour will be actively pursued by the police.

Bail conditions

Bail conditions may be imposed in order to minimise any potential future risk of harm that you may pose as a result of your alleged offending behaviour. This means that Police Scotland will enforce any domestic abuse bail conditions relating to you by carrying out unannounced visits to places from which you are excluded, or places you are required to be.  Regular enquiries will also be made to ensure you do not make contact with anyone specifically named in your bail conditions. 

Key points to note:

  • It is the police who make decisions in relation to charging. 
  • Police Scotland will use all investigative methods at their disposal to build the strongest possible case against you. 
  • It is the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal's Service who make decisions in relation to prosecution. 
  • It is your responsibility to comply fully with any bail conditions. 
  • Any breaches of bail will be treated as such even if you state that you have reconciled with your partner.

How to get help

Have you been violent or abusive? Do you think you have a problem controlling your anger with your partner? If you are an abuser or have abused in the past and recognise that in order to change your behaviour you need help there are services available.

The following organisations may be able to assist you – 


Telephone : 0845 112 8609 

Website :

Breathing Space (Scotland)

Telephone : 0800 83 85 87

Website :

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