Serious Organised Crime

Organised crime covers a wide range of activities and individuals involved in areas such as Class A drug trafficking, organised immigration crime and fraud.

Other threats include counterfeiting, high tech crime, armed robbery and other gun crime, art theft and money laundering.

A wide range of businesses involved

Serious and organised crime centres around acquiring money, profit, influence and power.  The type of activity or business used to achieve this varies enormously.  It could be a taxi company, a tanning salon or any other type of usually legitimate business.  The profits generated are invested in other types of criminal activity, thus fuelling a ‘cycle of crime’.

Serious and organised crime groups (SOCGs) will often use violence, corruption and intimidation to protect their criminal activities. They may also target professionals such as lawyers and accountants for assistance in managing their enterprises.

Focus on threat level

In tackling serious and organised crime, we focus on the level of threat rather than the quantity of money involved.  SOCGs pose a serious threat to communities, individuals and businesses.  We use intelligence and enforcement to break the cycle of crime and reduce opportunities for criminals to profit from illegal activity.

Help us make a difference

You can help us reduce the threat of serious and organised crime by telling us when you see anything suspicious.  It’s often the little details that count, helping us to build up a picture of an individual or business.